NOTE: The program is subject to change !

9:30am Session 1: SUD & energy efficient architecture
Moderator: Prof. Masanori Shukuya (Tokyo City University, Yokohama)
* Welcome greeting
* Keynote 1: Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist, University of Innsbruck, Unit of Energy Efficient Buildings & Founder of Passive House Institute
“Energy efficiency global – Contribution of the Passive House Standard for a future sustainable energy structure”

* Dr. Sachihiko Harashina (President, Chiba University of Commerce, Prof. em. Tokyo Institute of Technology,  Environmental Science)
“The role of energy efficiency for Japan’s first RE 100 University CUC”

* Prof. em. Kenichi Kimura (former Waseda University, Solar House Specialist)
“Sustainable house development in Japan – from vernacular houses to zero energy house”

* Prof. Masayuki Mae (University of Tokyo)
title (TBA)

* Architect Ms. Miwa Mori (Representative Director of Passive House Japan Association)
“Advantages of passive house design in Japan for sustainable university development, especially energy efficiency”

(Lunch break)

Session 2: SUD & sustainable architecture
Moderator: Prof.
Yosuke Komiyama (Kyoto University, Kyoto)
*Keynote 2: David Lomax, Senior Associate of Waugh&Thistleton, London. CLT architecture expert.
“Dalston Works – the world’s largest CLT building and its lessons for sustainable university development”

*Prof. Masanori Shukuya (Tokyo City University, Autor von Exergy. Theory and Applications in the Built Environment, Springer 2012).
“Exergetic view on built environment and also human thermal well-being” (why the enhancement of building envelope insulation is important)

*Architect Mr. Tsuyoshi Yuasa (Rokuyosha, Enekoya in Chofu, Japan)
“Design and construction of cost efficient off-grid house by means of sustainable renovation”

(Coffee break)

16:10 Session 3: SUD – students on energy efficiency
Moderator: Prof. Ayano Takeuchi (Toho University)

*Chiba University of Commerce (CUC) students
*Toho University students
*Mr. Minato Hayashi (Meiken Kogyo, Maniwa, Japan)
title (TBA)

18:00 – 20:00 Networking dinner for participants.
1F Dialogue House Restaurant.
Fee: 500 JPY. Students (with ID): free of charge.

Registration: here.

NOTE: The program is subject to change !