Japanese videos: here.

Welcome address, Mr. Hannes Heimisson, Ambassador of Iceland in Japan.

Sustainable wind, solar, water, biomass for Japanese universities, Prof. em. Dr. Izumi Ushiyama (AIT).

Ground source heat pumps, Dr. Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, Project Manager ISEP.

Sustainable University Development and UN SDGs, d’Arcy Lunn, Founder of Teaspoons of Change.

Planning to become 100% renewable, Eri Mathy, Sustainability Manager IKEA Japan.

Solar PV rooftop facilities, Minoru Tanaka, NPO PV Owner Network (PV-Net).

Welcome address, Dr. Ingomar Lochschmidt, Head of Advantage Austria, Austrian Embassy, Tokyo.

Energy systems for intelligent use of biomass fuels, Thomas Polainer, Urbas, Voelkermart, Austria.

Biomass cogeneration (e.g. wood gas CHP), Dr. Oskar Bartenstein, President of Ecolifelab and Spanner KK.

Wood Biomass District Heating and Cooling, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, President of Sustainergy.

Utilization of biomass energy in Maniwa city and Maniwa city schools, Noboru Oota, Mayor of Maniwa/Okayama.

School rooftop solar PV, Shinya Terui, Vice Principal of Myojo Gakuen Elementary School.

Silliman University Solar Project, Dave E. Marcial, Dean, College of Computer Studies, Associate Professor in Information Technology Education, Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Saving Energy, Creating Energy Project, Prof. Dr. Yurika Ayukawa, Faculty of Policy Informatics, Chiba University of Commerce (CUC).

Panel Discussion: The rising sun of university sustainability: solar heat and PV electricity

SUDre2017 Closing Remarks, Prof. Dr. Goro Christoph Kimura, Chairperson of the Department of German Studies, Sophia University, Tokyo.

SUDre2017 panel discussion on “Japan and Renewables” Hiroyuki Kawai (movie director, lawyer).

Japanese videos: here.

Notes: We gratefully acknowledge the dedicated work of video recording and editing of SUDre2017 volunteers A. Ishihara and U. Regmi. Further Japanese and English presentation videos will be published when ready.