Dear SUDre2017 participants,

Thank you for honoring us with your precious attendance to SUDre2017, for attentively following the presentations, and panel discussions and for actively engaging in the Q&A sessions and the personal networking during the breaks. We personally thank everybody in the name of the organizers and volunteers for all the encouraging feedback we have received so far. We are deeply grateful for the speakers who came from as far as Iceland in order to enrich the workshop. It was an enormous honor for us to have his eminence, the ambassador of Iceland, Mr. Hannes Heimisson to open the workshop with a personal greeting, and later Dr. Ingomar Lochschmidt, the director of Advantage Austria from the Austrian Embassy opening the first afternoon session. We thank Prof. Katsuhiko Mori, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts of ICU, for taking time out of his busy schedule to open the executive luncheon with an official greeting.

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We are most grateful to the Japan ICU Foundation in New York for their financial support, without which the workshop could not have invited our keynote speaker Prof. Gudni A. Johannesson, the general director of the Icelandic National Energy Authority, and we would not have been able to afford high level simultaneous interpretation. We thank the German Alumni Association of JSPS, officially represented by Prof. Olaf Karthaus of Chitose University, Dean of the Department of Chemistry, for further financial support.

We thank ICU for granting us the free useof the venue for the whole day, and numerous staff of ICU offices, who helped with arranging the technical side (Center for Teaching and Learning in particular, and the Kanzai Group of Ms. Sato and her colleagues), and took time to carefully instruct the volunteers. At the entrance the staff of ICU’s Hoanshitsu cooperated in the most cordial way with us.

Most of the presentation files in PDF format are now available from the workshop blog for free download. Please use them giving full credit to the authors:

We do hope to be able to make videos of the presentations available in the future. We further entertain plans to produce some form of proceedings with essays and articles contributed by the presenters.

A special thanks goes to our dedicated and hard working 26 volunteers from ICU and Sophia University, who made the whole workshop run smoothly and perfectly, provided kindness, encouragement, information, registration, food, coffee, mikes and finally a perfect spotless clean up operation.

We thank the three well prepared expert translators coordinated by Ms. Chiaki Ishikawa.

Please allow to add some remarks on sustainability aspects of the workshop:
1) The obentos and rice balls were locally produced organic obentos (
2) The desert cakes and the coffee time pound cakes were from nearby Osawa Harmony, a special bakery that strives to give work to handicapped people (
3) The pizzas were similarly provided by the affiliated Harmony Garden restaurant in Mitaka (
4) The fair trade coffee was provided by Tokyo Catering’s Mr. Tanaka. To make large portions he sent back his coffee beans to the coffee bean shop, and had them ground to powder, for use in his large coffee machines.
5) The selection of organic black teas and organic rooibos tea were purchased from AEON in Ichikawa.
6) The compostable plates and cups were produced from sugar cane residues.
7) The onsite registration was fully paperless (electronic), thanks to our ingenious volunteers.
8) We avoided air conditioning by opening windows.

Special thanks for translation work to: Momoki Mogi, Eriko Hitzer, Goro Christoph Kimura, Chiaki Oyauchi and several student volunteers.

We thank the ICU Alumni Association, JICUF and many other organizations and individuals for publicizing the event. We thank Prof. Seunghun Lee for organization advice. We thank Fernando Rojas and Aki Takada of JICUF for advice and guidance in preparing the event. We give very special thanks to journalist Mutsuko Murakami for mediating the contact to Mr. Hiroyuki Kawai for renting the DVDs of Nihon to Saisei in English and Japanese and for arranging Mr. Kawai’s personal participation in the evening. We wish her good recovery.

I am very sorry to not be able to list everybody who helped us to make this event possible. Finally I want to quote the Genesis words of Dr. Ingomar Lochschmidt (Advantage Austria) again, the very foundation of sustainability: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth … And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. … The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” (

With kind regards,

Eckhard Hitzer

on behalf of: E. Hitzer, M. Langagner, N. Nobyuki, T. Kibe (all from ICU) and by G.C. Kimura (Sophia Univ.), Y. Ayukawa (CUC), M. Mogi (Tokyo Kasei Univ.), M. Shukuya (Tokyo City Univ.). and J. Raupach (Ritsumeikan Univ.).

Photo credits: Eckhard and Eriko Hitzer, Hana Kamio (most!), Dave E. Marcial, Wilfried Wunderlich

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